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Visit to Iceland
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"The Trust requires continuing and additional financial support to sustain these activities into the long-term"


Our aims

The aims of HPS Trust are:

  • To fund projects that add programmes, facilities and services that will benefit students, especially disadvantaged students, beyond those provided by government and the local authority
  • To raise funds to support the on-going activities of the Trust.

Holland Park School and HPS Trust jointly aim to continue raising the quality of teaching and learning in Holland Park School and to make available a range of facilities so that every student may achieve in their academic and other school activities a level which is on a par with the best state schools.

The school and the Trust also wish to increase the students’ engagement with the local community to give them opportunities to contribute positively to community life, and for the community to support its local state school, both financially and in other ways that are beneficial.

Due to the Leadership of the school and the commitment of its teachers, Holland Park School has improved its GCSE and A level results to the point where these results are now well above the national average. Recent examination results have consistently  placed the school as one of the best performing state schools in the UK.

The Specialist Schools  and Academies Trust recognises the school as one of its foremost humanities colleges.

The Trust fully supports the school’s aim of maintaining its position as one of the very best state schools in London and the UK.

The Trust has funded many influential projects over the last four years: a free breakfast facility; off-site revision courses; visits to places at home and abroad that relate to the subjects being studied; arts events; sports activities and teachers’ professional development. Such projects as these have all contributed to students reaching higher academic standards and, importantly too, they have greatly assisted students’ overall personal development, self-esteem and well-being. A significant amount of funding is targeted to provide a range of extra courses for disadvantaged students.

Significantly, the Trust has also contributed to initiatives which allow students to develop, mature and become better members of the community, increasing their social understanding and improving general conduct through nurturing better awareness of ‘citizenship’ and individual responsibility.

The professionalism and commitment of its teachers is the school’s single most important resource. The initiatives and activities of the Trust, identified by Ofsted as helping the school to raise standards, give backing to staff and provide tangible benefits for their morale and retention.

The Trust requires continuing and additional financial support to sustain these activities into the long-term.

Underlying HPS Trust’s involvement is a fundamental belief that schools are key to young people preparing themselves for a rewarding and fulfilled life. Schools not only provide an academic education, but they also shape and influence students’ beliefs, attitudes, values and the way they interact with the world around them. If a student’s family life is disadvantaged or not fully supportive, then a school should be able to intervene and compensate.  Holland Park School has had many successes in this respect.

Everyone should have the opportunity to realise their potential. The Trust fully supports the school’s determination to achieve success for all its students. We would like other people to join with us and share this vision.